DS106 assignment

My first DS106 assignment! –at least, the first I’ve been able to finish. I created this in accordance with the “tripple troll quote” assignment, which is to,

“Find an image of a well known figure, add to it a famous quote by someone related in some way to the figure in the image and then attribute the quote to a third, related figure.”

…although I’m not confident that it’s actually finished. (Can someone tell me if I have the tags right?)

A bit of a political statement I suppose… The picture is of Richard Nixon, and the quote by Chancellor Otto von Bismarck (the man credited for inventing the modern welfare state). I wanted to ascribe the quote to Ben Bernanke, but he has no infamy the WorldWideWeb, as he never made the claim of “inventing” the internet–so I gave it to someone who did. 笑
The “creative” process was not-so-smooth. Actually it was horrible, to be perfectly honest. Computer editing is nothing like painting… I spent 3-4 hours on three different days downloading and wrestling with Gimp, and trying to master simple things (very simple–you’d be embarrassed if you knew) before giving up and dragging it into the prehistoric “paint” program on my computer (which also has no similarity to painting–don’t let the name fool you). I don’t really know what I did–but it involved blocking and fading the section under the words, then making a layer over that, selecting font/color and inserting text many more times than I ought to have. I’m quite ashamed of the finished work, but so proud to have finished it that I’m actually thrilled to be posting this! But I do hope that it will get easier for me as we go along…


5 thoughts on “DS106 assignment

  1. Oh golly, I love the Nixon picture. I love any picture of Tricky Dicky. I was so pissed when the Watergate Hearings began in the early seventies because the TV coverage pre-empted all of the day time cartoons and reruns. That was a cruel and vicious time.

    You’ve pulled off a super Triple Troll Quote here. Considering you’re still learning your chops with the image editing stuff, I’d say this is top-calibre. It looks great. I might have had the quote across the bottom over a black background if I were doing this one.

    One more point, as mentioned on another of your posts, my own preference is to have a hyperlink to go a specific page rather than to a search results page as three of yours do here.

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