Image with a message

Ok! Last DS106 assignment for the pioneers section, this is the visual assignments #324, in which,

“Your challenge is to enhance a famous quotation by superimposing it on an appropriate “Creative Commons” licensed image and to give proper credit.”

Unfortunately, it also doesn’t have so much to do with pioneers of the internet–but the image I took from this website is really cool.

In their own words, it’s–

“…our first full Internet map with color and other graphing logic. RFC1918 addresses have been hashed into a unique checksum so they do not incorrectly overlap with other routers or hosts. The checksums resolve to the same host each time to be sure that all routes connect correctly. Another bit of code also removed the routing loops… The colors were based on Class A allocation of IP space too different registrars in the world.”

I used a similar process as with the previous photo–pulled it up in paint and inserted the text in a triangle-shaped box–but it’s finally catching on (I only spent half an hour on this!) The quote is another old one (although nothing like Ovid).   I know this is still ridiculously simple, but for me, this basic mastery of photo editing is fun. Small step for humanity; giant leap for Danae.  I’m looking forward to getting better at this.


8 thoughts on “Image with a message

  1. I LOVE OSCAR WILDE! You know he has a very interesting life-story, but because of his struggle he has such an incredible power with all of his words. Also your picture is equally powerful, well done matching the two! Also what the picture is is unclear and you explain it in your description, and it makes us read it -Good Job-

  2. Hi … As the one who created this “Image with a Message” activity, I want to congratulate you on your creation! As a former Computer Science teacher I really appreciate the quote that you shared to explain the Internet map. When you add Oscar Wilde’s quote you are blending the Sciences and Arts in a very meaningful manner. Kudos to you and your creativity.

    Take care & keep smiling 🙂 Brian

    • Thank you Brian! I really enjoyed the ”Image with a Message” activity-And I’m glad that you were able to understand my message!

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