EDIT: I have moved this image to Mummy Brown Paint‘s new baby page ❤  titled ‘TDC’

Today was one of those days–stayed up too late, woke up too early, and dealt with a weekend’s worth of procrastination.

So, naturally, I didn’t spend a bunch of time on today’s TDC. I just grabbed a picture that a took during a walk in rainy Yoyogi kouen, and turned it upside-down–but at least I did something, so I’m going to go ahead a upload it.XD


Hope this works! *crossing my fingers*



3 thoughts on “TDC

  1. I really like this, it makes me dizzy but it has a surreal beauty that you could not have gotten on a bright day. The rail almost looks like a conveyer belt of some-kind that one would ride into another universe, or a slaughter house, depending on the day.

  2. It’s good that you are getting back on track with Daily Create. I don’t know if you heard, but we’ve been asked to stop putting them up as blog posts. Rather, you will need to set up three new pages for your Daily Creates and post them on the appropriate one for each week.

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