3,000 Countries:

I’ve been working on this project for FAR too long, so I’m posting it even though I don’t feel like it’s finished! The mission is to–

On your blog, use at least three images from your original art or photography to illustrate a poem you have written.

I know I kind of overdid it, because this doesn’t call for any of the photo-editing that I ended up doing by inserting the poem into the photographs, but… I like it better the way I chose to do it, even if it was unnecessary work. (笑)


The poem is actually not a poem, but a piece of “writing inspiration” (not sure what to call it… theme, maybe?) for a painting I was working on at the time. The first, second, and fourth photographs all have parts of the painting within the frame of the picture, and the third is my balcony where I do a lot of painting. So… There’s some meaning in it for me, even if it seems random XD


6 thoughts on “3,000 Countries:

  1. This is amazing! Rarely do you get to see the process of art, and you captured it perfectly. I also like the art, it is so full, if I could describe it with words. P.S I think I saw you at UniQlo….

  2. I’m with Gabby on this. As I was working through your post it was as though I was getting a glimpse into the artist’s world – which is exactly what this was.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to pull this all together. It certainly was time – maybe of a viridian hue even – well spent.

    One small critique, I have a little trouble making out the black text on your final image.

    • I DID debate a bit about whether I should use a different color on the final photo, but I really wanted black. It probably would have been a good idea to make the font bigger, or post the poem along with the finished pictures. Next time… 🙂

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