State of the Net: Lead White Cyberspace

There are usually two ways that I visualize the current state of the internet–one is Celedon, and the other is Lead White paint. To get it out of the way, I’ll write about the more negative one first: Lead White Cyberspace.

Lead white was perhaps the best white artists ever used. It is smooth, blends well, and will last an eternity. Far longer than the people that use it anyway– because, of course, it’s incredibly toxic.

What does this have to do with the internet? Take Google as an example– Google generally runs smoothly, blends well with other sites (you can link it to your youtube account, as well as use it to sign in to Flickr and many other accounts), and seems to be a stable company. Of course, Google has also been caught violating browser privacy settings in order to track users, and according to The Washington Post Google and the National Security Agency have formed an “alliance…to allow the two organizations to share critical information.” But is the threat of a government organization having access to your private information really anything like the threat of lead poisoning from lead white paint? I suppose that depends on how much you trust the US government.

It is interesting to note that lead white paint is still in use today. If you take proper precautions when painting with it and handling finished paintings containing lead white, the risk of being poisoned can be significantly reduced. I think the same precaution should be used when you’re living in a lead white cyberspace.


5 thoughts on “State of the Net: Lead White Cyberspace

  1. An amazing comparison! Haha, lead-white. Clever, but what do you mean? Was your hands after the internet? Should I delete my cookies after watching Porno, or like deleting my various accounts after I am dead? Do you think having your info online is a danger? I feel like if i was a mass-murder or comunist-crazy maybe, but the average person… Do you think I have anything to fear?

    • You’re probably right–for the average person, I don’t think the government is going to come hunting them down. If you you ever plan on becoming any kind of an activist though, or even overly-critical of government activity, it might be a good idea to start removing yourself from the sticky web of Google (^.<)
      Other than that, I guess I think it would be smart to just train yourself to become AWARE of what you're putting online–because if someone really wants to access that information, they could probably find a way.

  2. I’m learning so much about paints and colors with these brilliant metaphors you keep putting forward. I think I take you point on the toxic nature of Lead White here. I’m not sure that I caught the point about Celedon though. Is that going to be in a future post?

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