Moody ds106

Today I chose this DS106 assignment, which requires us to

change the mood or tone of a photograph by altering the contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, exposure, etc.

I enjoyed working with Gimp, and feel for the first time that I used it rather successfully (it’s about time!)

Below is the image I started with– tulips in the park by Ontakesan Dorm. I took this photo during my first semester in Tokyo.

I wanted to make it feel older, and a little more nostalgic, so I began by increasing the contrast and lowering the brightness. After that I changed the color balance, bring out the yellow and muting the red a bit. Below is what I ended up with.

Nothing fancy, but I feel like it changed the mood a bit, and I’m looking forward to playing with some more images in Gimp.


One thought on “Moody ds106

  1. You nail it here, it takes time and practice to build any sort of fluency with these programs. You’ve pulled together a nice image with the adjustments you selected. Well done.

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