This is the info-graphic that group 6 (<3) is analyzing.

We each chose three or four sections of this graph to look into individually– I got assigned to analyze the statistics for Flickr, Ning, Deviant Art, and Bebo.

First I want to look at Deviant art, and it’s the only site of the four that our info-graph claims is gender-balanced.

50/50 male female, our info-graph states. Looking into the source of data that this info-graph used, which can be found at the bottom of the large chart, both google ad planner and Brian Solis are listed. First I went to the Brian Solis site, but couldn’t find deviant ART’s data there, so I got a google account planner account and found this data. The actual statistics are 48/52 with a female majority. A little off, but I don’t consider 2% to be a huge change to the graph, so I would still say that it could be considered accurate.

Next, Flickr!

This was easier to analyze, because I didn’t have to find the data myself on google ad planner–it was all on Solis’s site. Accurate-seeming data (which he states as belonging to google ad planner as well), and the numbers matched exactly this time. I would say that this provides sufficient support for our info-gram.

Third, I looked into the data for Ning.

Ning is listed as one of the more matriarchal of all the sites, with a 59% female majority. This info was also gathered from google ad planner by Solis, and matches perfectly with what is represented on the graph.

Finally I looked at Bebo.

Bebo represents the most matriarchal of all the sites I analyzed, with an 68% female presence. I looked this one up on google ad planner as well, and found that the current statistics are actually 66/34, with a female majority. Again, not far off, but in 2-of-2 times comparing with google ads there has been a 2% inconsistancy rate.

All-in-all, I believe that the info-graph that our group analyzed is basically accurate, with a small percent of discrepancy, probably due to the fast rate of change of the statistics that google ad planner uses.

For more information about the other sites analyzed in this info-graph, take a look at Eri’s blogpost, Ren’s BlogpostNana was also in our group, and so was Ekhlami, and I had a wonderful time working with all of them 🙂



One thought on “Infographic

  1. Thanks for checking the accuracy of the various statistics presented on the infographic. That certainly is a starting point to any analysis. I’d be curious to know what you make of or account for these numbers.

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