Design your Dream

The assignment I chose to do today prompts us to–

Take a recent dream or nightmare you’ve had and make a visual representation of it for others to see.

This is actually not based on my dream, but one that a friend had about me.

The process was time-consuming, but I had fun doing it. First, I painted the purple/red background color and drew the words “Insert sky here.” Then I took a picture of that, and did the rest on my computer–layering some geometric shapes, and adding the final text–I chose to do this because I wanted a computer font to contrast with the childish-looking painted lettering.

While it didn’t turn out exactly like I had envisioned, I had a lot of fun making this project, and would like to try it again in the future.


2 thoughts on “Design your Dream

  1. Wow, it does look very dream like. I love that you made your painting into a digital work and then worked on it some more in digital space. I’m afraid there isn’t enough contrast for me to make out all that’s said in the red text.

    I think this post could use a title.

    • The red text is intentionally too small to read–kind of like after waking up it’s hard to remember exactly what was said in a dream. (that was my thought at least!)
      Aaaaaand~~ title fixed. Sorry I had forgotten it! ^^

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