Second topic: ways to reform copyright law

For my second topic, I chose the article titled “Now that SOPA’s dead, five easy ways to reform copyright law.” I found this a good read because it constructive, but also optimistic. To summarize its main points: the author suggests that we should begin by…

1. Curbing abuses of copyright takedowns

2. Shortening copyright terms,

before going on to

3. Clear up “fair use” rules,

4. Protect against overbearing copyright claims

and finally

5. Allow the breaking of Digital Rights Management software for legal purposes.

I highly suggest you read the article for details on these points, but I would like to add a bit more information to this as well, from different sources.

This video is the most informative thing I’ve seen on copyright so far

I absolutely recommend it, although it IS a bit on the long side. Towards the end, he makes some really good suggestions for change that I think are right in line with the “ways to reform copyright law” article.


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