Final Practical Activity: to the Intergalactic Board of Education

To the honored chairman of the Intergalactic Board of Education, and to whom it may concern:

I am writing you today concerning your proposal to terminate the Cyberspace and Society class (CIS0835) at Temple University, Japan Campus, Planet Earth. In regards to CIS0835, and in hopes of persuading you to see reason, I would like to present the following points:

  1. This is a subject of absolute importance. I am calling on your knowledge about the necessity computing knowledge is in the present and will continue to become in the forseeable future. As representatives of the Intergalactic Board of Education–as the leaders of the future–you must know the vital importance of the internet as the greatest uniting factor of this modern era.  As borders are broken down and Planet Earth becomes increasingly connected, internet technology has more and more power–and more possibility for disadvantaging those who are not educated to be able to take advantage of it. Don’t fear the future–don’t give us cause to fear the future; instead, equip us with the tools that are necessary to thrive in this fast-evolving technology-driven world.
  2. This course is the only reason that I now have chance to understand of computer technology. Before taking Professor Lockman’s CIS0835 course, I had no knowledge of cyberspace–only a vague idea of its importance–and no idea where to go for more knowledge. For the sake of my future, I am thankful to have taken this course.  I do not claim that any course in the current educational system can deeply and truly teach students everything that it would be ideal for us to know; however, this class is a starting place–a place from which have abetterunderstanding, and the ability to set out and find more. As a student of Professor Lockman’s most recent class, I believe that I have a current and accurate understanding of what is at stake for the students whose learning you threaten to impair by terminating this course. Perhaps there have been complaints–administrators who are rooted in the past, afraid of being swept away by what they don’t understand. Don’t let their fear of the future give us cause to fear the future; instead, give us a starting place, from which we can see a direction to continue learning.
  3. This class has been a positive experience. Because of its significance to me personally, I want the Board to know that I grew bonds in the DS106 community, and although I dreaded it in the beginning, gradually the realisation that I could master internet technology became empowering. Throughout the semester, there were many times when I too had doubts about CIS0835 and the difficulty of learning something not “traditional” to higher education; however, in the end, I can objectively see that this course has enabled me to live more freely in the future. The knowledge and interest that CIS0835 gave me are tools I will use to chance an ever-changing future fearlessly. Therefore, don’t fear the future. Don’t fear the change–accept it, learn it. And, by allowing CIS0835 to continue, give the students of the future the power to learn it too.


Danae EuDaly, Temple University, Tokyo, Japan, planet Earth

Don't Fear The Future

Don’t Fear The Future” Photo taken from flickr user Andrew Coulter Enright under Creative Commons licence.


One thought on “Final Practical Activity: to the Intergalactic Board of Education

  1. Wow, what an amazing appeal you’ve made. I’m persuaded. I just hope the IBE sees it your way. But rumor has it that some of their members do in fact “fear the future.”

    Thank you.

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