Sometimes in Tokyo, in the spring, it is vitally important to drop everything and go contemplate the cherry blossoms. (This has nothing to do with class–I just wanted to remind you all–)

Sometimes, you should get off from Facebook, away from the virtual sunshine, and into the real sunshine.

Away from the virtual people, to be surrounded by living ones–

People who are laughing, talking, breathing the petal-laden air and smiling to be alive.

Those same people will let you join in their Hanami, even if they’ve never met you before–even if you are a stranger from a foreign land.

And they will tell you the stories of their lives, show you pictures of their children, give you the food they made, and share in the wine you brought.

And sometimes, Sometimes, it is important to let the overwhelming perfection of the shortness of this life  sweep you away–

Like boats on a gentle river, like flower petals on the soft wind.