TDC 3 Feb. 20-24

TDC 41 “A picture of your most prized posession”

You, and what you taught me–


only life, one more time.

TDC 42 “Take a photo of that represents your job, or a job that you once had.”
through 12 7 11 007
Smiling face of a hair stylist on a show day. This is one of the few photos I’ve taken while working, and I feel like it captures the excitement of working with various designers, stylists, and artists during fashion shows.

TDC 47
“Take a photo that features your favorite color.”
12 8 11 037
My favorite color is green, and every time I see this plant (which is thriving in the living room of best-friend Sonoko), I feel a little bit calmer.


One thought on “TDC 3 Feb. 20-24

  1. I really enjoy the daily create of your most prized possession. I couldn’t agree more, life is the most prized possession of all because without life what good are your other possessions?

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